Commercial playground shade structures add coziness, entertainment, and brilliance to any playground. Studies state that a comfortable play environment encourages children to play longer.

Stay for the Shade

Because of changing weather conditions and skin cancer awareness, provision for shade has become a vital issue in the US. Playground shade structures block up to 97% of UV rays, protecting children from sunburn.

Playground shade structure components have materials that are resistant to corrosion, fading, and mildew. They are available in a rainbow of colors. Equipment should be designed to meet playground safety standards (ASTM 1487 & CPSC) and children’s safety requirements.

These structures should be able to reduce temperatures by as much as 25°F. Seats and play surfaces should be cool enough for children to be comfortable to be in. Airflow will be increased as well due to reduced heat.

Spanned structures need considerable footing to guarantee correct tensioning, which is an issue when kids are running around. Padding installation can solve this problem. You can customize the padding to be the same color as your shade structure fabric.

cantilever shade structure on the playground

Here are the types of commercial playground shade structures:

Hip shade structure

Its clean lines balance naturally into any playground. It comes in different sizes, which allows you to produce your chosen appearance. It is highly flexible and offers wide coverage. They are also available in Two-Post Hip, and Hip Joined styles.


This is constructed for multiple purposes. This is suggested for a playground with multi-levels and intricate elements.


These may be joined together or separately positioned. They personalize and bring character to your playground.

Shade sail structures

These provide a sense of sophistication in your playground. They can be installed at different heights, covering your playground’s castle and slides.

Single post

It’s a classic structure usually used in lifeguard stands and theme parks.

Single post pyramid shade structure

One post can cover up to 260 feet. It takes up minimal space in your playground but provides robust coverage.

Single post pyramid cantilever structure

If you want the post to be outside the play area, then this might be the shade for you.

Pyramid shades

These offer an attractive look in your playground. Their four posts keep the structure strong.

Full cantilever shade structures

These ensure that there are no posts in your playgrounds. Their two sturdy posts are outside the play area. The shade itself covers the large area of your playground.

Integrated shade

This uses the posts in your playground for your shade.

Canopy shade

These are used for smaller stretches like urban and rural playgrounds.

Custom shade structures

Butterflies? Flowers? You name it. Playground architects are more than happy to give in to your whimsical ideas.

Shade Pro’s permanent shade structures are intended to produce the highest UV defense for children and equipment. Offering a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that complement your park and playground. Quality materials guarantee that structures will provide sun protection for years to come. Call us now for a free estimate.