Welcome to ShadePro, your premier provider in transforming fields & sports complexes into comfortable, stylish havens with superior commercial shading solutions. For two decades, we’ve been dedicated to outstanding customer care while providing the best protection from the sun’s rays for athletes & fans alike!

Serving Fields and Sports Complexes Across Texas and Beyond

ShadePro is a premier provider of custom shade solutions with over 18 years in the industry. We offer excellence to our clients throughout Texas and beyond by creating high-quality products tailored to their particular needs.

Our experienced team has crafted outstanding projects for residential areas as well as commercial sites, such as sports complexes and fields across Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, Abilene El Paso, San Angelo, Dallas Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other regions. Let ShadePro enhance your life today; contact us now for an ideal solution designed just for you!

Tailored Shade Designs for Excellence

Our shade design service perfectly brings your vision for sports complexes and fields into reality. With expertise in 3D modeling technology, our designers collaborate closely with you to craft a solution that suits your tastes and requirements while reflecting the distinct characteristics of outdoor spaces.

From modern designs to timeless aesthetics, we have got it covered! Visualizing the end result before fabrication or installation is an added bonus that provides peace of mind throughout every step of this creative process.

Quality Shade Fabrication & Manufacturing for Your Fields and Sports Complexes

At ShadePro, our solutions are rooted in quality and craftsmanship. We use cutting-edge production techniques to create superior shade structures that last a lifetime while offering unmatched structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Our experienced artisans carefully cut, weld, and stitch each product using premium materials for the highest level of durability possible – guaranteeing wind ratings up to 90mph so you can depend on your investment even during rough weather conditions. Put simply: when you choose us as your shading provider, we make sure it’s crafted just right every time!

Seamless Installation and Shade Replacement Services

ShadePro has decades of knowledge in setting up and upgrading shade structures, combining precision installation with high-quality materials to provide the perfect outdoor sports space for all. Our team is experienced in projects on any scale or complexity, providing complete service from site preparation to secure anchoring.

We collaborate closely with you throughout the process so that your project meets safety standards and stays within budget while adhering to a timeline that works best for you. Plus, we replace worn-out shades with top-grade components, giving them a new lease of life. ShadePro is there every step of the way, ensuring hassle-free installation and revitalized sporting areas!

Commercial Shade Structures That You Can Install at the Fields & Sports Complexes

Our professional team provides tailor-made shade structures for fields and sports complexes to ensure the comfort, sun safety, and satisfaction of athletes and spectators.

ShadePro specializes in providing high-quality shade structures for fields and sports complexes. Our custom designs are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, combining effective sun protection with stylish looks and reliable function. No matter where you need bleachers, play areas, ticket lines, or dining spaces, ShadePro has a perfect solution waiting for you!

Cantilever Shades

Our cantilever shades are perfect for limited spaces such as bleachers, concession stands, or baseball dugouts due to their unobstructed designs that offer shade without compromising views or area.

Hip Roof Shades

Our hip roof shades provide optimal coverage, making them the perfect choice for recreational areas. Our products are cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing while still providing advanced protection from UV rays and weather conditions.

Sail Shades

Our sail shades provide various spaces with a distinct design element and sun protection. From amphitheaters to tennis courts, bleachers, and entrance halls, they can greatly enhance the aesthetic of any outdoor space.

Umbrella Shades

Structured around one central post, they offer commercial-grade protection from the sun while adding beauty to any setting. Perfect for Standing room-only events (SRO) events or al fresco dining areas, these effortless yet sophisticated designs enhance their locations with timeless elegance.

We’re the sun’s greatest defense

Benefits of Adding Shade to Fields & Sports Complexes

Incorporating shade structures into fields and sports complexes offers numerous advantages:

  • RSun Protection: Protects athletes and spectators from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat-related issues.
  • RExtended Usability: Enables year-round use of outdoor facilities, ensuring athletes can train and compete even in hot weather.
  • REnhanced Fan Experience: This keeps spectators comfortable, leading to longer stays, increased sales, and livelier crowds.
  • RPreservation: Extends the lifespan of equipment and playing surfaces by shielding them from excessive sun exposure.
  • RBranding Opportunities: Customizable designs allow for branding elements, reinforcing the facility’s identity.
  • RAesthetic Enhancement: Improves the overall look and design of the venue, making it more visually appealing.
  • RSafety and Comfort: Creates a safe and comfortable environment for spectators and athletes.
Adding shade structures enhances comfort and contributes to sports complexes’ safety, appeal, and long-term success. Choose ShadePro for premium shade solutions.

Why Choose ShadePro for Your Fields & Sports Complexes?

Trust ShadePro to deliver the highest quality shade structures for your sports fields and complexes. Let us help you create a space where athletes excel, and fans gather comfortably and in style.



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