Outdoor pools are an emblem of luxurious living and a must-have in modern homes. You can’t imagine summer pool parties and having fun with your family and friends. However, as soon as you think of an outdoor pool, you have to think about shade structures to avoid the scorching summer heat and keep the pool water cool. You can’t just overlook them to keep the idea of fun and entertainment alive and make the most of your pool time.

Today, there are a variety of outdoor sunshade structures available in the market, and you can easily find a perfect fit for pools of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for ideas and guidance on how to best shade your pool, here we have listed the best options to create shade over your pool and detailed everything you’d need to know about them.

1. Shade Sails

Shade sails have lately become one of the top choices for homeowners looking for shade structures for their outdoor pools. They come in fascinating designs, shapes, and angles and can give your pool area a trendy, modern look. Fabric shades offer a unique Mediterranean feel and add a vibrant splash of color to your pool. When chosen with aesthetics in mind, shade sails can help create an attractive outdoor feature in your home and turn your poolside into something that elevates the entire look of the outdoor space. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, modern shade sails are quite affordable and easy to set up as well.

The versatility of the modern shade sails is one of their key selling points. Today, you can find shade sails in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and points. Triangle and square shades are among the most popular choices, but you can choose shades in shapes that offer over six points. You can even invest in ones made with sturdy, high-quality, and long-lasting materials like waterproof PVC fabric to prevent deterioration from harsh weather.

As shade sails are often permanently installed, you’ll need strong and stable posts to attach them to. These could be new anchor points, walls, or strong posts. Use stainless-steel wire edges, fittings, and fixings to pull the shade sail into place and form a robust canopy over your outdoor pool.


2. Shade Pergolas

Shade pergolas are always worth the investment when you are trying to dress up your pool area. They not only serve the purpose but are easy on the eye and can create a pleasing aesthetic in your outdoor space. The best thing about these outdoor sunshade structures is that you can add them to any existing outdoor pool area. If you have no issues with a permanent, hardscaped shade solution, pergolas would be an ideal choice.

If you want to keep the pool open and still avoid the scorching sun, shade pergolas will serve the purpose and help you create a beautiful outdoor space. One can be erected beside the pool, and you can dress it up by placing lounge chairs as well as other accessories to set up your relaxing enclave. Enjoy pool time under the sun and retreat to your shady, comfortable quarters to relax and enjoy a conversation with your friends and family.

When investing in shade pergolas, you have a range of options to choose from. Try to settle for ones that use quality materials and offer value for money.


3. Pool Umbrellas

One of the simplest and most effective solutions available to shade your pool, pool umbrellas have been used for decades. They have seen quite a transformation in design and function over the years and have made one of the best choices for modern-day swimming pools. If you are looking for a shade structure that is not permanently installed, umbrellas should be an ideal choice for your pool. They make a flexible choice as you can adjust them the way you want and can even remove them whenever you need to.

Pool umbrellas come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, and you shouldn’t have any problems finding one perfect for your outdoor pool area. Create a sleek contemporary look by matching your pool umbrellas to pale paving or give your outdoor pool area a unique Mediterranean twist; the choice is yours.


4. Folding-Arm Awnings

For something that brings style and functionality, folding-arm awnings make a perfect option to shade your pool. They are tailor-made to offer on-demand weather protection and boast robust construction to last the test of time. A weather-resistant acrylic canvas and a sturdy aluminum case combine to give you one of the best outdoor shade structures with the highest quality and craftsmanship on offer.

Their minimalistic design brings pattern and color to your outdoor pool area in style. They are sleek, stylish, and elegant and use quality electronics that function well and make retracting look simple. All you need is to push a button to control this modern shade structure the way you like it. You can even invest in home automation options that let you control the awning from your smartphone. However, you can also choose awnings with the manual crank operation if budget is a concern.


5. Custom Pool Shade Structures

The best thing about shading your pool is that you are never lost for choices. If none of the options above work for your pool setting, you can always choose to install custom pool shade structures tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. With a flexible fabric like PVC or shade cloth, the sky is the limit. No matter what shape or size your pool is, and regardless of your unique shading requirements, you can always have custom shade structures built for your pool area. You can choose the best support materials and fabrics and have your shade structures designed in any layouts and configurations you could imagine.

Choosing the right shade structures for your pool area won’t just save you from the scorching summer heat but also add a pleasing aesthetic to your outdoors. Consider your options and make an informed choice!