Commercial Shade Solutions for

Pool Shade Systems

Shade Pro excels in crafting stylish and functional pool shade structures, featuring customized shade sails for both aesthetic appeal and UV protection. With over a decade of experience, their premium materials ensure durability and longevity for poolside amenities. Contact Shade Pro to start your tailored pool shade project.

Why Pool Shade Structures?

While spending the day in the open pool under the scorching sun is tantalizing, it gets better when you end up under the pool shade with the cool breeze running through you. You can choose from several pool shade structures as part of your property. Shade Pro offers several high-quality shade sails that will match splendidly with your pool area.

Each purchase is crafted expertly to suit the buyer’s tastes and preferences, leaving them with a stylish pool shade and a colorful one. Pool shades are designed to offer an aesthetic value to the user. The sails and canopies that run overhead offer you, your family, and guests a relaxing area protected from the burning sun.

It is not uncommon for one to have sunburns after taking a swim. While most of your body is submerged under water, one will be forced to emerge and take a rest. This is where Shade Pro comes in. We will build you a customized pool shade structure of your size and design. These pool structures also come weary of your budget, and we can continually create a design that suits your pocket.

With each design of the shade, there are several quality features attached to them. Pool structures are expected to suit the pool’s location and benefit those using it longer. It is essential to sit down with one of our representatives to discuss the best design for the location. To get an idea of the list of options to choose from, you can visit our gallery and view some of the past pool shade projects we have completed. Our catalog contains more than just canopies and shade sails. It is an indication of our desire to recreate and deliver beauty.

Pool shade structures are also effective ways to care for your amenities. Most people prefer having relaxing tables and chairs alongside their pool. This allows them to sunbathe and enjoy themselves when they are not swimming. Without a pool shade structure, these amenities would be exposed to harsh weather elements, with the deadliest being the sun. Pool shade structures would protect these amenities from the scorching sun, which would erode their value in turn. You will have your chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture in good condition for longer.

Why ShadePro?

Shade Pro has been in the business of designing custom shade structures for over a decade. We have repeatedly proven that our shades are of high quality, reliable, functional, and very durable. Our experience in custom designs allows us to provide our clients with their dream shade, filled with color and expertise.

The materials used in designing our shades are premium powder-coated steel frames and durable commercial shade fabric. The fabric design provides the protection everyone requires blocking up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays. Years in practice and thousands of completed projects give us enough reasons to work with you.

Start your project with us today, contact us.