Shade sails are an affordable option to add a shaded area to your home or business premises. The shade sails add aesthetic value to your outdoor space and bring in some comfort. However, since sails are installed outside, they are exposed to sun, dust, and stray litter, such as flying wrappers. These factors can turn the shade sail into a dirty fabric that looks ugly from the outside. This beats the purpose for which it was installed in the first place. We know you would want your shade sail to remain stylish for a long time – furthermore, you cannot change your shade sails now and then. That’s why we are going to talk about shade sail maintenance and how to clean shade sails.

Why Maintain Your Shade Sail Structures?

We all know that for anything to stay in good condition, it must be maintained. Shade sail maintenance ensures that your shade sail is always in the best shape, operates effectively, and lasts long. So how do you maintain your shade sail? Here are some tips:

Carry Out Regular Checks of the Structures

Fabric shade sail structures are classified as moving structures, so they need to be checked and serviced regularly to ensure they do not pool or lose tension. Their tensile membrane structures are designed and constructed so that they require little maintenance. However, weather conditions can affect the servicing requirements. Thus, it is necessary to check and re-tension each sail every 12 months to maintain maximum shade sail effectiveness.

Cut Back Overhanging Trees and Branches

If they are trees encroaching on the shade sail, they can damage the sails because of soiling from the tree debris. If you encounter such instances, the trees or branches need to be trimmed back to prevent impairment.

Monitor Your Shade Sails After Major Wind Events

Scheduling cleaning and repair services will ensure your shade sail structure looks good and protects users from the elements. It is good to do visual checks at least once a year. Inspect your shade sails thoroughly after major wind events, including storms. Physical checks can help determine if the stainless fittings and connections are tight and in good order. If the fabric tension is maintained, the fabric connections are sound and secure. If there is chaffing against the steel fitting that is compromising the integrity of the fabric, such as branches, twigs, leaves, and moss harming the fabric can be taken care of early enough.

So How Do You Wash Your Shade Sails?

Wash On A Sunny Day

If you want to wash your shade sails, make sure you do it on a sunny day. A bright sunny day will ensure the shade sail dries off better. Before reinstalling the shade sails, it is good if it has fully dried.

Use Mild Detergent

Using harsh chemicals on your shade sail can damage its fabric. The detergent must not contain any acidic chemicals as it can weaken the fabric’s resistance against UV light and its ability to provide a safe shade for you and your family or business premises. So, would you rather use a mild detergent or invest in a new shade sail? We know the option you’ll go with. Also, don’t use a brush with hard bristles.

Don’t Use A Washing Machine

If you put the shade sail in the washing machine, you will badly damage the sail’s fabric. A washing machine wash will make the shade sail disintegrate and wear out quickly. A better option is to lay down the sail on a clean and flat surface and use a hose-connected spray bottle to soak it in the mixture of water and mild detergent. Leave it for at least an hour, then rinse it off with the hose.

Use Low Water Pressure

If you blast your shade sail with water at high pressure, you are more likely to damage its threads. This means that your shade sail will need a restitch. So, save yourself from these sudden expenses and use water at low pressure while washing the shade sail.

Storing Your Shade Sail

If you cannot install the shade sail after the wash and you decide to store it, be sure that the shade sail is completely dry. Storing a mildly wet shade sail will facilitate the growth of mold. So, you need to be very careful when storing a recently washed sail.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shade Sail?

Clean your shade sail every 2 -3 months to keep it in the best condition. If you notice problem areas with mildew forming, clean them once a month. Remove debris like leaves, dust, or animal droppings each week with a broom.

How to Remove Mold and Mildew

Sometimes your shade sail will catch some mold and mildew due to exposure to cold or rain. Here is how to remove the mold.

  • Don’t touch the mold with bare hands because it will trigger some allergic reactions. Wear protective gloves.
  • Spray wet over the affected area. This helps open the pores of the shade fabric, allowing the solution to absorb and break down the mildew.
  • Take your soft-bristled brush and gently scrub over the cloth.
  • Hose down your shade sail to remove any excess dirt or debris.
  • Lay your shade out in the sun. This helps kill off any remaining mold or mildew that didn’t get removed.

In conclusion, these are some tips on how you can maintain and clean your fabric shade sails. If properly maintained, your shade sail can serve you effectively and last long. Proper maintenance of fabric shade sails is necessary to keep your shade sail in good condition and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for high-quality fabric shade sails, you are in the right place.

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