Custom Vehicle Shade Structures

Car shades from Shade Pro are essential for protecting vehicles from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. With decades of experience, Shade Pro offers durable and easily maintainable custom shade structures, catering to the evolving need for shaded parking as a property essential. The aesthetic variety in shapes, sizes, and colors makes car shades a practical and visually pleasing choice. Interested individuals can schedule appointments with Shade Pro to assess spaces and explore suitable options, ensuring reliable protection and aesthetic enhancement for their vehicles.

Why Car Shades?

Vehicle shade structures are the pinnacle of self-care for your auto. If you’re in love with your car, you need to ensure that you own a durable, quality, and easily maintainable shade. At Shade Pro, we offer you the best custom shade structures available in the market. Shaded parking lots are no longer a luxury for the chosen few but a necessity for many. Every property in town is investing in shaded parking to protect the needs of their tenants and attract those yet to become.

However, how do you end up with the perfect vehicle shade structure? Let’s take a look at what makes us the best in the business. Here at Shade Pro, we pride ourselves on delivering nearly every type of shade, and we have been doing this for decades. Therefore, designing and installing car shades is no new venture for us.

Like every other accessory, vehicles will deteriorate when exposed to extreme weather conditions. During the day, UV rays from the sun are considered a harsh condition, leading to quicker corrosion on the auto’s body. A well-placed shade to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your car will prevent corrosion. Car shades are also an easier way to ensure that your car cools quickly without any outside influences.

When left in the sun, it may take longer for the car’s engine to cool off since the sun’s heat is radiating on it. Finally, most people own car shades since they love their aesthetics. Car shades come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and therefore, everyone in need of one has the opportunity to choose one that suits them.

Types of Shades

There are different types of vehicle shade structures that you can choose from. The shade type depends on the number of vehicles the shade will cover and if it is a private or commercial shade.

Shades created for commercial purposes are usually bigger than private ones. Another important aspect to consider when deciding on the shade is the available space. Even though shades occupy very little space, they need to cover a slightly larger space than usual. This extra cover eliminates any possibility of the sun rays and other weather elements from hitting the car.


Why Shade Pro?

Shade Pro has been in the shade business for years, which means our expertise is based on experience. For those ready to install car shades, it would be best to make an appointment with us, and we will send a representative to evaluate the space and talk more about the different shades available. Contact us today!