Car Wash
Shade Sails

Running a car wash requires that your employees work outside. Providing shade structures over their work area will show your workers that you care about their well-being by protecting them from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

We’ve got you covered

Car wash shade sails have beautiful colors and different shapes and styles. They can attract the attention of potential customers and keep your current customers happy while they wait for their cars. They are easy to install and can deflect up to 95% of the sun’s rays. The sails can be attached to an existing structure or erected with poles.

High-quality shade sails protect cars from the rain, hail, and sun, making them perfect for year-round weather conditions. Cloth fabrics in shade sails keep your car wash cool during the summer months. You can get custom-designed solutions that are customizable to suit your car wash needs.

They are low maintenance, unlike permanent structures, which need regular maintenance by painting and staining. Since they are installed outside, they are exposed to the sun, dust, and other stray litter.


easy ways to clean your car wash shade sails

Wash on a sunny day

The sun will help you dry off the shade sail. Let it fully dry before installing.

Low water pressure

Using high pressure might damage its threads.

Use a mild detergent

Harsh chemicals will damage its fabric.

Do not use a washing machine

The machine will badly damage its fabric. You can lay down the sail on a flat surface, then use a spray bottle to soak it in a mixture of water and mild detergent. Soak for an hour before rinsing.


Ensure the sails are completely dry if you need to store them. This is to avoid mold growth.

suggestions for creating the perfect sail

Shade Pro is your one-stop shop for quality car wash shade sail structures with a full range of services from shade design, fabrication, installation, and replacement. Call us now for a free estimate.

Come up with a design

You can start with a simple four-corner “Hypar” shape and go from there.

Sun shadow

Sunlight direction varies from season to season. You need to consider the sun’s path to determine the best shade position.

Retractable sail

It acts like a fixed sail but can be retractable whenever you need it to be.


There are a lot of options to choose from, so pick a few options first and view them in the proposed area.

Is it done right?

Have a professional create and install the sail shade properly.