Let’s imagine a world without shade for a second. Walking, gathering, sitting, and standing in the sun with nothing to cover our heads. What would that look like? Not so pleasant, right? We can all agree that a world without shade is not an ideal world to live in. So, next to the basic needs, we can add shade – in the summer season, of course. For playgrounds, shade structures are almost compulsory. Because who enjoys playing in the sun anyways? We want our children to be safe out there. So, what is the importance of including shade structures in playgrounds?

Reduce Exposure to UV Rays

Children are exposed to harmful UV rays and have an increased risk of sunburn and overheating without shade. Additionally, darker playground equipment can become heated from high outdoor temperatures and cause injuries to children. Incorporating shade structures in the playground can block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays. This allows children to have good and safe playtime.

Protects Playground Equipment

Shade structures can help lengthen the lifespan of playground equipment. This is because they block the sun and precipitation from hitting the equipment. They keep the children comfortable and help keep your equipment in excellent condition. Shade can protect playground equipment from premature fading over time, keeping the quality strong and appearance brand new for the coming years. Because commercial shade structures are reliable and durable, you can trust them to withstand the weather elements while sheltering existing equipment.

For Aesthetic Purposes

Besides providing shade, commercial-grade sunshade sails can also add to your park’s visual appeal. They can be customized and come in various designs, colors, and materials. This allows you to find the design that perfectly fits your playground’s aesthetics. You can choose a design that provides a specific mood or environment, helping you attract more children to your playground. For example, you can find shade structures that create a more whimsical and imaginative setting. They can resemble trees or sails to spark pretend play and creativity in children. Choosing bright color themes for your playground can make it more appealing.

Help Your Playground Stand Out

Shade structures can create unique park features that parents can only find in your playground. Since shade structures are highly customizable, you can find something that matches the visual features you already have in the playground. You can also develop visual elements that will draw people to your park. Outstanding visual features can create a staple in your playground that keeps the parents coming back. With unique shade structures, you can stand out from other playgrounds and give children a different experience.

Increase Playground Comfort

Shade structures increase the comfort of your park by expanding shaded areas beyond where trees and facilities might cast shadows. Shade structures add convenience on a warm day by bringing down temperatures and making it more tolerable for children. Cooler shaded areas are essential for people at higher risk of heat exhaustion and sunburn, like children. Providing enough shade in your playground through shade structures helps protect the children and increase their comfort. Parents can focus solely on their children having fun other than worrying about how to protect them from the sun.

Weather Protection

Although children may only be out playing on lovely weather days, some may come during bad weather days. Rain and snow can prevent children from playing in your park or cause them to leave before they’re ready. But shade structures can help block some precipitation while they wait out. A good shade structure can absorb upto 60 to 70 % of precipitation. This provides your playground visitors temporary protection if it starts to rain or snow when they are enjoying the facilities. These features improve customer satisfaction because they know they have a place to wait in case of rain.

Return on Investment

Shade structures help increase your return on investment. They allow you to save money by adding fixtures to existing facilities and spaces without the need for expensive remodels or landscaping. Shade structures can transform your playground and make it more visually appealing, attracting more people.

Extend Outdoor time

When your playground is cooler, users are more likely to enjoy the outdoors for extended periods. The kids will want to play longer on the playground, and families will be willing to extend their time if they keep cool under the shade. This will encourage more families to visit your playground.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Shade Structure

Durability: When buying shade structures, you want to choose a shade structure that is highly durable and can withstand weather elements. A fabric that can protect you from UV rays and precipitation.

Color: You want to choose a fabric structure that will complement the existing design because commercial outdoor shade structures come in different colors. Do you prefer bright or dull colors?

Customizable: Here, you want to choose an easily customizable structure that can fit in with existing infrastructure. You can discuss this with your shade structure provider to ensure that customization is possible.

Fabric Quality: Shade structures come in different fabric qualities. Some fabrics allow light to pass through, while others don’t. Other fabrics allow precipitation to pass through, while others don’t. Choose a material that allows some light to pass through and prevents precipitation.

Final Words

Those are the benefits of including shade structures in your playground. As you have seen, it works for your good and the good of your clients. It helps you provide your visitors with a safe outdoor experience and quality outdoor experience. Installing a shade structure in your playground can be the most significant investment you make.

Are you looking to install a shade structure in your playground? Talk to us here at Shade Pro. We have been providing shade solutions to our clients since 2004. We take pride in our high-quality, durable, reliable, and highly customizable commercial outdoor shade structures. Our shade structures can withstand the weather elements, provide a cooling effect and meet your aesthetic needs. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your playground shade needs.