Why Shade sails are a good idea for your business

Have you been thinking of ways to upgrade your business? Did you know that installing a shade sail on your business premise is one way to level up your business? Installing a commercial shade sail structure can increase your overall customer experience and your customer service capacity.

So, why are shade sails a good idea for your business?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Shade sails are the most eye-catching shade option. Shade sails are manufactured to complement or enhance your building’s architecture. They can be designed to look like they were born to be part of your business rather than something simply added as a solution. They’re practical as well as stylish, adding an artistic edge to your business. Installing shade sail on your business premise can increase your revenue by up to 30%.

Block The Sun

Shade sails provide a shaded area for your business, keeping the temperature down and protecting your customers and employees from harmful ultraviolet rays. During the hot summer months, having a shade solution for your business premise becomes a necessity. Shade Pro commercial shade sail fabrics block between 95-98% of UV rays, lowers temperatures by 10-20 degrees, and have 10- a year warranty.

Lower Energy Costs

Shade sails don’t only protect you during the hot summer months, they are very effective in reducing electricity costs. They help in reducing the temperatures inside your business and cut down the need for constant air conditioning. If your business uses the outdoor space frequently, you probably have ways to keep the space cool during the hot summer months. This can include anything from running fans to water spritzers. However, installing a shade sail can significantly decrease the temperature in your outdoor space, meaning you will use less energy to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Protect Your Property

We all know that the sun’s rays can be harmful to humans, but do you know the damage they can do to your property? The harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can fade and weaken your furniture. They can also damage your company and clients’ cars and any other unshaded item. However, the shade sails block that sunlight before it hits any of your property. If you choose a waterproof shade fabric, your property can be protected from rain.

They are Eco-friendly

Shade sails’ environmental benefits can be seen as early in their production stages. Most shade sails are made using recyclable materials, this lessens the need for new raw materials for manufacturing. Apart from this, using shade sails reduces the amount of wood as well as other materials being used in the construction of building a shade extension. Shade sails also decrease electricity consumption, and this helps preserve the country’s energy resources.

Easy to Install

Shades are easy to install and don’t have any negative impact on your business. Since most of our shade sails are made bespoke to order, there are mostly no issues with fitting. They are equally easy to move as they are to install.

Little Maintenance

Maintaining a shade sail is relatively fuss-free. If you choose our high-quality shade sail fabrics, a simple clean once or twice a year is all you need to keep them looking and functioning at their best. Other shade structures, such as pergolas and other shade structures, require gutters to be cleaned differently and can be at risk of rust, rot, or corrosion if built from poor-quality timber and steel.

Provide Some Extra Space

Shade sails are a great way to add some extra space to your business premise. Shade sails provide a practical extension to your business premises that would otherwise be underutilized. With a shade sail installed on your premise, you can create some extra outdoor meeting spaces, dining areas, play spaces, and more.

Enhance the Overall Customer Experience

If you are a business owner, you know that customer is king. So, if you want your business to flourish, you need to make sure you optimize your customer’s experience at each level. It is worth remembering that your customer journey starts as soon as they reach your business premises. Thus, if you have an outdoor space outside your business facility, installing a shade sail is always a good idea.

A shade sail helps in creating a welcoming environment for all your customers. Installing a heavy-duty commercial sail in your business provides an edge, especially if you are in the food industry, because it significantly improves the outdoor experience for your customers. Shade sails are not limited to the food industry but give an edge to any outdoor space business.

Provides Ventilation

Installing a shade sail on your property can provide some extra cooling and ventilation. Once you install them strategically and properly, shade sail keeps the sun from directly getting inside your business premise. Most of our shade sails are made of semi-permeable fabric, which also enables cool air circulation, typically lowering the temperature in the covered areas by at least 10 degrees.

Increase Your Customer Service Capacity

If you have a business that operates outdoors, installing a shade sail can significantly increase your customer service capacity. Installing a shade sail can make your customer intake grow and can give you a positive edge, especially during the warm, sunny months. So, why not maximize your seating and customer service capacity with a simple investment of installing a shade sail?

Well, if you are a business owner, you have all the reasons to invest in a heavy-duty commercial shade sail. As you can see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you have already decided to get shade sails for your business, we are more than ready to serve you. Shade Pro has been in the business for over 18 years, and we pride ourselves on providing permanent shade solutions to our clients. We have served several commercial and residential clients with a wide scope of applications, from car washes to parking, pools, patios, and playgrounds. We are the go-to shade sail company.