Most people attribute commercial-grade sun sail shades to outdoor businesses like playgrounds, parks, car washes or parking, and service stations. But did you know that restaurant owners can benefit significantly from installing outdoor shade structures?

Shade structures are highly advantageous to restaurant owners. If adequately utilized, they can help increase restaurant revenue. If you are a restaurant owner, check out how you can benefit from installing outdoor shade structures.

Increased Seating Space

One of the biggest challenges you can face in the restaurant business is increased popularity in a limited space. As much as you would love to accommodate all customers coming by, you remain helpless when no seats are left. In such situations, shade structures can increase customer seating areas.

Additionally, shade structures offer customers seating options. During summers or regions experiencing warm climates throughout the year, shade structures provide perfect outdoor seating options. The good news is that most commercial shade structures are strong enough to serve you year-round, protecting against the sun, rain, snow, etc. They can also be installed in any open space, including a rooftop.

Improves Customer Experience

Many restaurant operators miss it when it comes to customer experience. It is worth noting that customer experience starts from the moment a customer sets foot into your restaurant. How they are received, and where they sit as they await to be served.

Installing quality shade structures can be one step towards improving your customer experience. They provide a calm space for customers to relax, talk, or take drinks as they wait to be served. Most people going out for dinner or small get-togethers also like outdoor seating arrangements where they can freely talk and have fun.

Improved Curb Appeal

Commercial shade sails come in various designs, colors, and styles, making it easy to choose the one that blends perfectly with your restaurant. In addition to making your restaurant more noticeable, shade sails appear warm and welcoming. While the shade sail colors may attract some people, others will be attracted by their designs, and so on. As a result, you will notice an increase in customers.

Promote Your Brand Awareness

Another advantage of commercial shade sails is that they can be customized with your company logo, name, and color. This shows you are a step up against your competitors. Supported by excellent customer service, customized shade sail can increase foot traffic. It makes it easy for customers to identify your restaurant by name rather than location.

The advantage of promoting your brand awareness is that it makes it easy to expand to other regions. If your brand is well known, you will not need to invest heavily in advertisements since customers will advertise to each other.

Increases Your Restaurant Value

In addition to increasing useable space, a commercial shade sail can add elegance to your establishment. When strategically installed, the shade structure looks good, thus increasing your business value.

Besides, shade structures are versatile and can match various themes. You only need to choose the best shade sail that matches your theme. You can consult reputable commercial shade sail dealers for ideas if you are new to the restaurant business.

Increases Customer Safety

Unlike tree canopies, commercial shade structures are weatherproof, providing safe outdoor sitting areas across all weather conditions. For example, coastal residents can bet that nature can put on a show without warning, but with quality outdoor shade, your customers are protected against any weather.

Besides, only restaurants with outdoor sitting areas can stand the pressure during a pandemic like Covid-19. Customers prefer outdoor sitting areas instead of indoor ones, regardless of excellent ventilation to avoid getting infected.

Shade Sails are Cost Effective Alternative to Renovation

Most restaurant owners tend to renovate their premises when faced with increased foot traffic. While it is a permanent solution, it can be costly in terms of time and money. But installing shade structures is the most affordable and quickest alternative to erecting new structures if you have an outdoor space.

Besides, most commercial shade structures don’t need exceptional expertise to install. Most established brands come with manuals demonstrating how to set them up. In addition, they are of excellent quality, meaning they can last longer.

Increases Restaurant Revenue

Usually, the idea behind outdoor shade sails is to increase your restaurant’s useable area to accommodate more customers. If, for example, your restaurant interiors can accommodate ten tables, your revenue generation will be limited to those ten tables. What if you added some ten tables in your outdoor areas? Your revenue will, of course, increase.

Also, guests tend to spend more time sitting outdoors than indoors. As a result, they spend more on drinks and snacks. However, you must invest in quality shade sails that create a cozy and welcoming environment for customers to spend more time in your restaurant.

Creates New Source Of Income

If your restaurant features an extensive outdoor space,  you can install numerous shade sails to make it useable. Once it is adequately protected, you can rent it to people looking for event spaces such as birthdays, weddings, etc. In addition to earning from renting the space, you will have increased food and drink sales that day. You can also rent it out to people looking for shaded parking lots.

Increased Job Opportunities

One of the benefits of increasing job opportunities is to reduce joblessness in the immediate neighborhood. This is because, when residents earn a living, they will spend it in nearby businesses, yours included. Also, the more you diversify your hiring criteria, the more you attract more customers directly or indirectly related to your employees.

Reduce Congestion In Your Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant business on a busy street with heavy foot traffic, ensuring it is spacious enough for easy movement is vital. But since most business spaces are limited, investing in an outdoor space can be more advantageous. It also makes it easy for your employees to serve customers faster and more conveniently.

Now that you have an idea or more about the benefits of maximizing your restaurant space using commercial shade sail, what stops you from taking advantage of them? For your commercial-grade shade sail needs, look no further than Shade Pro. Contact us today to get a quote!